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  2015.07.24  15.50
Fic Master-list

Foreword and WarningsCollapse )

Buffy and Angel ficCollapse )

Harry Potter ficCollapse )

Smallville/DCU ficCollapse )

Supernatural ficCollapse )

SPN RPFCollapse )

Teen Wolf ficCollapse )


  2015.05.01  23.12
Let's go steal a dragon! [Leverage. Hardison, Parker, Eliot, G]

Let's go steal a dragon!
Leverage, with references to Angel: the Series and The Librarians (TV 2014).
Hardison, Parker, Eliot. Humor. 424 words.

For comment_fic's theme of Magic Realism and the prompt of, "Eliot/Hardison/Parker, let's go steal a dragon."

Read more...Collapse )

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  2015.04.29  22.25
Final SPN round-up. For posterity, yo.

Sometimes, I take out my old meta SPN meta thoughts about what the show was about and just type that shit up. I probably went on about them enough on everyone else's journals, because I can like, play them like a cassette at this point. But I don't think I've ever posted them to my own journal, which is yeah, typical.

So the last time I went on about it, I ended up at the Super Wiki and found out that Kripke said about Faith:

"It's when I first realized what the show was capable of. Here's this episode about: Is there a god? What's meant to be? And is there free will? And is your life worth the cost of someone else's life? It's a metaphysical and moral study of the boys' universe. There's so many different places the show can go and so many tones."

And I like, cackled. Because fuck yeah, validation. Also, this is why Kripke is one of my favs - he just has scope, it's all big questions with him.

Read more...Collapse )

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  2014.03.21  01.00
drive through bitching (revolution. and teen wolf. but for completely different reasons)

Revolution. I cannot believe this show has finally gotten good and now runs the risk of not getting renewed. Goddammit.

Just these last two episodes were just so... so Kripke's stuff at its best, with the questions of who to save and what to fight for. Also, chock-full of SPN references. Lines lifted right out. And moving the family dynamics into new roads, which was just... goddammit, new stuff on this front after nine fucking years and no word on renewal? Fuck that.

This "the Patriots are evil" concept is not ever gonna sell though. This is just way too unveiled a criticism. Even if this notion of corrupting the very symbols of U.S. government is kinda flipping brilliant.

To complete the bitching. Oh, Teen Wolf. Seriously? Bad dog. :/Collapse )

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  2014.03.10  00.43
300, the concomitantequel

300: Rise of an Empire is a movie about Eva Green's character, Artemisia.

It also features Lena Headey as the main secondary character and narrator.

There are also dudes, but it doesn't look like any of the people responsible for making this flick actually cares all that much about them. They're there to fight pretty and show their pecs and deliver the standard, "they may take our land, but they'll never take OUR FREEDOM!" but like, whatever? Ooooh, let's show more of Artemisia's backstory, aaahhh, Queen Gorgo is so badass, ooooh.

Ending.Collapse )

Even so, it feels a lot like Alice just stepped through to the other side of the mirror.

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  2014.02.10  23.02
of monarchs and rebels and dogs

So today I found out that one has to manually set one's access filters on Dreamwidth to include the people who are supposed to be there. I had no idea, I thought they'd be automatically imported. So every time I've used a filter to crosspost to LJ for the past... holy crap, five years, the entry on DW was only visible to me.

It's a good thing I've become such an unreliable journaler, I guess. Otherwise, I would be feeling rather despondent. Also, this is incredibly awkward, because the handful of people who are still active on LJ and can see the entries there have been effectively cut off from seeing the original entries on Dreamwidth, which was definitively not my intention.

Actually, speaking of intention (and also of awkward), I've been meaning to just do a rundown of what I'm watching these days but I ended up doing it in a comment on a friends' journal. Embarrassing.

In the meanwhile, because I'm catching up, I've watched the last few episodes of Revolution and Reign. Because I'm watching Reign. I know. Except, suddenly, it sorta became... kinda good? I could not be more astonished. I noticed Doris Egan (from Dark Angel, SV, Tru Calling) is one of the writers. Basically, it's Game of Thrones light, RPF fantasy AU with political machinations, and zero historical accuracy. It has actually managed a couple of unexpected plot twists so far, which is one of those crucial things in TV. "Whoa, I did not see that coming!"

Teen Wolf is also doing that. :)

And it seems that Revolution is finally getting its shit together. I felt like just posting, "FUCKING FINALLY, Kripke!" after the last episode. You can recognize themes from SPN, like the concern with power structures that do not have the best interests of the common people in mind, and how that intersects with God /deity /religion, but with a totally different approach. This last episode was so reminiscent of "Faith". Also, Charlie is the most girl!Dean of them all, except with none of Dean's bitterness, which makes her such a different approach to what is essentially the same character. It's gonna end bloody, they both say, but Charlie has both already lost her brother and became her own person, small village girl stepped out into the big, bad world, and shit is fucked but gotta keep trucking, gotta keep fighting.

It's still not perfect, but it sure has gotten better.

On the fannish production front, I've added a section on 'Knotting' in SPN fandom - early examples to the A/B/O essay because I've found new data and, well, yes, accuracy and information, rah rah. I've been doing that, when I discover new details that I've missed before, which hey, very ocd but, at least, I refrained from adding the May 2007 timeline of anime kink memes to the general timeline. Because limits yo.

(Researching stuff for this thing, I often thought, "...Big Brother better not be watching," as the couple of dozens of kink-meme entries often open simultaneously would have an entirely unconvincing explanation.)

On the weather apocalypse front, we now have become part of the illustrious group who have named storms! Onwards onto the next ice age.

Entry originally posted here on Dreamwidth.


  2013.10.27  22.16
The nonnies made them do it! [Fannish history. SPN. A/B/O]

My beautiful plan was to post this to AO3. But it seems AO3 doesn't recognize the code for the pretty pictures. And without the pretty pictures, this isn't half as much fun. :|

So for now, it's here. :)

[And now at AO3 too! \o/]

All data for this was collected during September, 2013 and subsequent changes were not taken into consideration for the purposes of this text.
Please assume that material linked will be of an adult nature.
This took quite a while to code and, though I checked to the best of my ability, in all likelihood I missed something - if you find a wonky link, please point it out so that I can try and correct it. Thank you in advance.

The nonnies made them do it!

The beginnings of A/B/O in SPN fandom.

History! Data! Links!Collapse )

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  2013.08.05  00.04
dis.continuity [Teen Wolf. Jennifer Blake, Jennifer/Derek, PG-13]

So I fully expect this to be completely jossed by tomorrow. But until then one has to make the most of one's outlandish fan theories. (Especially because if this ends up kripked instead of jossed I will cackle forever.)

Teen Wolf. ~450 words. PG-13.

She used to keep a metronome at her house.

tac tac tac tacCollapse )

Entry originally posted here on Dreamwidth.


  2013.07.30  09.32
Teen Wolf 3x08 & 3x09

Not only was I not jossed by 3x08, I was actually kripked in a couple of things. \o/

[eta] No, wait! I was both jossed and kripked! Man, do I get some sort of special prize?

Spoilers and Speculation.Collapse )

Entry originally posted here on Dreamwidth.


  2013.06.20  00.45
Updates in glacial-geological time

I'm out of practice at updating. :|

Okay, so TV shows ended, other shows started. Arrow was really enjoyable, Revolution is just not happening. Why are you not happening, Revolution? You have everything I supposedly like, with the whole post-apocalyptic girl!Dean thing, and yet I am not sure if I'll return for a second season.

I've also picked up Defiance, which again, post-apocalyptic setting with a seemingly central young woman at the forefront, and a large ensemble cast which, despite being a lot more camp and lower budgeted, with its aliens and shanty town look, is loads more engaging. And it has me wondering why. Because I get the feeling of a similar degree of assuredness on the overall arc, so I end up wondering if it's really all about the characters and the relationships between the characters and how much writers and actors can sell a viewer on those.

Because here's the thing, man: I was sold on Defiance with the first scene. And it was just a matter of two actors portraying convincingly a father/daughter relationship. With a little help of Johnny Cash music. (Which: Defiance has crazy good music and makes incredibly effective use of it. "Lovesong" from The Cure, I'm just saying.) And you keep getting hints that the characters have whole backstories that will eventually be revealed and inform who they are. The last episode was amazing at giving info about Julie Benz's character and they had already done it before with Nolan, and with Stahma Tarr and most of the actors are just... good, man. There's a sense of the aliens being aliens not just because of makeup and alien languages (major props on this though), but because there's a clear cultural divide and the world comes across as fully realized.

It's still very much setting things up as it goes, but clearly someone spent a whole lot of time and thought creating the whole background and it shows.

Both Teen Wolf and True Blood are also back. True Blood's premiere was underwhelming but whatever, I'm sure they'll get their crazy on soon enough.

Teen Wolf though, fuck me, I love this show. I'm not going to bother raving about it because I'm all capslock squee, with hearts and flowers around Derek and Allison.

Two amazing vids watched recently: Keep the Streets Empty for Me (Twilight) by [personal profile] chaila and Boy with the Bubblegun (The Hunger Games) by bironic. Incredibly powerful takes on each canon.

Finally, we're nearing the end of June and temperatures continue crappy. Day After Tomorrow, I was not expecting you this soon! On the other hand, science tells us that we'll be crashing into America in 220 million years. So hey, see you then.

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  2013.05.24  01.15
"Song of the Dying Earth" [SPN. Dean, Sam. Gen]

This should go with these. They're not actually connected by anything other than a) being 3 sentences long (sorta, kinda fibbed), b) having some kind of music related title, and c) taking place in hotels.

Yes, random. I guess I'm under the hope that if I write enough of them, they'll end up coming together and make a coherent whole.

PG, ~225 words.

Song of the Dying Earth

"It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine."

Apocalypse impeding! Ask me how!Collapse )

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  2013.03.26  16.04
Revolution 1x11

Holy crap!

Cut for spoilersCollapse )

Also, Star Trek's Into Darkness' trailer, "what wouldn't you do for your family?" sounded SUSPICIOUSLY FAMILIAR.

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  2013.03.23  22.50
3 Sentence Ficathon fills

Ficlets written for the Three Sentence Ficathon. I had ambitions to write more of these and make it all conceptual and shit, but alas, inspiration left me high and dry. It seems the ficathon is running until April, 7 though, so here's hoping.

Prompt: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series, Angel/Buffy/Spike, a delicate balance. 92 words.

Tightrope Walker (the line of duty nocturne)

balancing actCollapse )

Prompt: Any, Any, forgetting where we are. Revolution, Miles Matheson. 127 words.

Oblivion blues

once you're done running, you end up in Chicago, at some abandoned hotelCollapse )

Prompt: Teen Wolf, Erica/Stiles, dance on our graves. 167 words.

rock'n'roll requiem

She puts the girl she used to be to rest on prom nightCollapse )

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  2012.12.16  18.30
End of Year TV Meme

I've started putting together 2012's activities report and it's truly pitiful the amount of crap I did of which I have no recollection. "So apparently you attended this conference at this date, self. What was this conference about?" And my memory gives me NOTHING.

But it seems I was really busy this year. And the time I wasn't busy I was writing het sibling incest werewolf porn.


When I wasn't busy doing things I don't remember, I watched a lot more TV than my usual monogamous obsession. So.

2012 in the little box*Collapse )

Entry originally posted here on Dreamwidth.

Mood: amused

  2012.10.01  22.43
A Path of Cinders [Teen Wolf, Derek/Laura, Derek/Kate]

So at the end of July there was this Teen Wolf ficathon. And among the prompts, there was "Derek/Laura &/or Chris/Kate (&/or anyone else you feel like) | Anyone who isn't us is an enemy."

And I thought, "ooooh, that puts an interesting twist on Derek's behavior."

Two months later, I have, well, this. If you squint, you can see how the two are related. /o\

Massive thanks to shadoedseptmbr, who stepped in when I was ready to throw in the towel and volunteered to beta, despite not even watching the show. Without her help and encouragement, this wouldn't have been finished. That said, all remaining flaws and inaccuracies are, most definitively, my responsibility.

A Path of Cinders

Teen Wolf. 3900 words. Adult.
Derek/Laura, Derek/Kate.
Underage, incest, consent issues, sexual content, canon-typical violence.

Two through the scorched earth.Collapse )

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  2012.09.27  00.31
Revolution 1x02

So that was much better than the pilot.

Got a revolution?Collapse )

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  2012.07.25  02.25
Teen Wolf 2x09

Holy crap, I did not see any of that coming.

Buckle up, party people, this show has just become officially *awesome*.

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  2012.07.23  05.49
Belong, to [TW, Jackson (/Erica/Isaac)]

IDK. I just needed to get it out of my system.

Spoilers for 2x08 "Raving", 165 words.

I put a spell on you, because you're mineCollapse )

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  2012.06.27  23.31

Man, on penalties.

... no more epic bromance gifs. brb, crying into my Kellogs 4ever.

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  2012.05.13  21.35
Set in my ways (still crazy, after all these years)

So I spent most of last week battling SPSS. For those who don't know it, SPSS is a statistics program for social sciences.

SPSS won. SPSS *always* wins. That is the first lesson to be learned.

Me? I groveled pathetically and gratefully whenever I managed to make SPSS do the things I needed it to do.

I see this as the start of a beautiful, if exploitative, relationship where I will grovel a lot more.

I started writing this entry last night and then gave up and went to bed because my brain was in the fritz.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my entering fandom. I guess it's off by a few weeks but the earliest concrete proof I have dates from 10 years ago. So, yay?

I had stuff to say but all of it was eclipsed by the Revolution trailer. OMG, you guys, it's girl!Dean! Girl!Dean, you have to save your brother Sammy Danny, from old Yellow-Eyes militia dude, who killed your father! In a post-apocalypse world, which is, no lie, my dream premise.

I am so excited for this. And then I remember that it's also JJ Abrams' show, which means we have a dumb mystery too and the possibility of a lot of stupid. So, we'll see.

I went to see The Hunger Games again. Hearkening back to my early fannish preferences, I am wanting Katniss/Peeta/Gale like mad, except there doesn't seem to be any. Fandom, baby, can't you see how perfect it would be?

Also, girl!Dean needs to meet up with Dean. And Sam. Lets get cracking on those crossovers. \o/

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  2012.04.27  22.00
SPN, Game of Thrones and The Avengers

SPN 7x19 and casting spoilers for the next episodeCollapse )

Game of Thrones 2x04.Collapse )

The Avengers, general impressions.Collapse )

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  2012.02.21  20.03
SPN 7X15

Just one observationCollapse )

Entry originally posted here on Dreamwidth. Please consider commenting there.


  2012.02.05  23.42

SPN 7X13Collapse )

I'm also still following Lost Girl, which has been consistently good and makes me want geeky fic exploring how and why the Fae look human despite being a completely different set of species. (With talk about genetics and evolution and adaptation. That would be awesome.)

And finally, there already are Game of Throne previews around. Only two more months!

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  2011.12.31  21.38
All Ways [SPN-CW RPF, Danneel/Jensen. Alpha/Omega dynamics]

Looking back at the fic I've written this year yesterday, I thought to myself, "movies-in-15-minutes style crack. RoboSam noncon handholding. Post-apocalyptic mating RPS AU. LOL. ... well, at least, there wasn't any knotting."


So we end the year with PORN! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! \o/

SPN-CW RPF. Danneel/Jensen, NC-17. Just over 500 words. Alpha/Omega dynamics, no actual knotting ahah.

Written for the second comment fic meme at take_the_knot, in answer to the prompt Jensen/Danneel, alpha/omega dynamics: Danneel is the alpha in her relationship with Jensen, but she still likes it when he fucks her.

AO3 link, for those who prefer it. :)

All WaysCollapse )

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  2011.12.02  00.07
Notes on "Carmen and the Devil"

Before I forget and possibly not making sense to anyone else. (AO3 fic link.)

NotesCollapse )

So that explanation is twice as long as the ficlet. Fantastic.

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